Wednesday, August 6, 2008

touch my body

This photo is from the fourth of July, alot was different then. I love the Market Hotel Parties, this night not so much because I was basically breaking up with Ian who is awkwardly sitting across from me in this photo. That was over a month ago. I took this picture from AKIME's blog, thanks to akime! ( a friend of ben and jay's). ..

Right now I'm getting lifted with my friends listening to Mariah Carey's greatest hits. What can be bad in all that good? I want to go on a date and see Pineapple Express.

The other day, this one cumstomer at the coffee shop I work at who comes in constantly, Nate, brought me a book he thought I'd like. It was so thoughtful. He was dead on to give it to me because I love it, It's apparently about this poor kid and he's writing it from prison. I love it.

"I think my mother was always faithful to my father's infedelity"
Before Night Falls by: reinaldo arenas

I went to the Market Hotel last night actually had some good roof time with Ben and Erica. Wine with sour patch kids at the bottom rules.

Also this weekend the EARLY BIRDS, came to stay with me. By far the best band to sleep over EVER. they were so much fun, props to matt for running around in the freezing fire hydrents at 5 am. stayed up till the sun came up so I could go to work at 6 am. Matt and Elko went all the way into the shitty with me to walk me to work, nicest thing a boy has done for me in a long time.

walked around times square when it was dead, it looked like a ghost town. havnt laughed that hard for days in a long time. So many good things. wished they stayed forever. I love good guys, love my stoop, love walking around bushwick meeting PIMPS, love the early birds for letting us ride in their hot box van. You guys are the best.

I'm forgetting alot. I'll update more later.

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