Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sorry about that

if i'm sinking and laughing at something sunken in, i am

it feels exciting touching your handwriting

getting horny by reading it and repeating poor

meintently staring at the picture of your feet

on the sticker

at the r. crohn's exhibit,

i wonder who's sicker

jerking off in an art museum john till my dick hurts

the kind of shit i won't admit to my head shrinker

not even in a whisper to my own little sister
i just act like a dick and talk shit when i'm with her
aught six i'll say the friday before easter

was not good i cried to myself in the pisser
and with you in the front row at the silver jews show

and you act like you didn't notice, my fear of the bear
at showbiz pizza when i saw six was overwhelming and not dissimilar to this

if i'm sinking and something sunken in, i am

at jacob han's on tour i wake uphung over on a hardwood floor
from a dream about how your dress

hangs off of your little breasts

i'd rather be dead than call this song

how i lost your respect but god bless or get neglected

and i'll see you when the sun sets east, don't forget me

This is a song Erica put on the mix she brought me this weekend. It's sexy and amazing and wonderful. WHY? is a good band, not really totally my thing but this song is a jam nonetheless. I also got an awesome mix from Matt who came in to the brooklyn and came to Kathleens birthday party. Seeing people vomit is still so weird to me. I can't even form a proper paragraph right now. why am i updating..

Went with Matt and Brendan and Knelly to 5 points, I'd never been there before. We saw half naked models and shitty foreign writers and I went on the 7 train for the first time. I feel like I fell back in love a little bit with New York this weekend. I'm never leaving. 5 points was definitely a good thing to see, the stair climb made my calves sore today. Bought an apple. I sat on the ground alot this weekend. I'm always dirty and always thirsty. Kevin texted me from a Detroit hospital to say he got in an accident and broke a few ribs. Life is bizare. I don't miss anyone anymore. I just absolutely love my friends. I need to do the dishes.

I'm finally home alone after having about 6 people sleeping here everynight and it's sort of strange. I thought I'd be more pumped, maybe I'll take a bath, but then I would have to disinfect the entire gross tub beforehand and thats tons of work. I saw two cardinals this month so far. I've gotten 4 hours of sleep in the last 2.5 days. I'm delerious. My bed looks good from here.


Lists are always better:


new sneakers
itchy legs

"snacks rule"

popeyes and beer

slowly losing my amazing memory

shitty handwriting

getting hit on by 15 year olds
lime ade

I just got a phonecall from Kathleen who's watching Lil wayne right now and she held the phone up so I could hear him. HE'S SILLY. he sounds like kermit the frog in real life too!!

I feel like everyone is questioning stuff lately. I'm excited for school

There's four thousand balloons in my hallway. I hope Kathleen's flowers don't die before she gets home from baltimore.

At work we made rose biscotti and my skin smells like sugar and roses. So pretty actually.

my new jam for the rest of the summer..

indian summer by pedro the lion

so good.

My bed is calling my name. Cya interweb.

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no win said...

this was my favorite update thus far. that song will always be so bittersweet and "eating pussy for new thangz" just hearing him sing that makes me want to GET IT.

you're a dime. snackz rule.