Wednesday, August 20, 2008

i wont complain

you and me and the half breath of sight before you speak
it's a pool of air
you can have me there

A few things;
The olympics is really awesome.
My dad called me today, I picked up.
I saw DARK KNIGHT in IMAX, my eyes hurt
I approve of my mother's new man more and more everyday.
I'm losing one of my best friends. He's slipping away, and i'm letting it happen.
I feel like the world is gonna fall apart soon. like when it comes to wars and economy and things.
going to texas with Lily for funfunfun fezzzt.
I want new clothes
I can't wait to have breakfast with Lily all weekend
A guy I know called me "a powerhouse" and it was probably one of the hottest things that's happened to me in a while. He meant it completely in a non-sexual way of course but just the same.
also, I'm too thin. I miss my booty, I need to go back on the PIll.
This year is going to be very different than any other year.
i miss sweaters.


i am trying to break your heart
me without you
betty blue

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