Monday, August 25, 2008


NORMALLY i talk about pretty serious shit in my blog but I need to post this...
So a while ago i went on a date with this art director of mass appeal magazine. he's super good looking and asked me on a date so i went. He took me to one of my favorite places in all of nyc, so I thought that'd be a good sign. then i realized he's 26, and if you know anything about me you know i hate older dudes. we had fun but I sorta fucked with him because he was too nice, too together, too cool. but i thought it'd be cool to know him because it's mass appeal magazine and I thought we'd have some cool chit chats about hip hop or something. anyways. I realized how fun it is to date someone casually that you don't really like because I just said anything I wanted to him because I was not affraid at all of him not liking me. You should hear some of the weird shit that came out of my mouth around him. Lily even met him and dubbed him a nerd, a cute guy, but a total nerd. He sent me this email the other week and it's funny...

"Hey nikki long time no communicate.

And it feels weird to write this but ive been thinking about u quite often. It
would be swell to hang again. I had a super nice time last time we chilled (or
2nd to last time. It wasn't hat much fun meeting u at that bar to have u ignore
me, but whatever) maybe we can go see a movie or hit the beach.
Im on my way to boston right now to speak at a class tom
and then im off to help a friend shoot a story in historical williamsburg
virginia. Which should be a trip.

Ok cute one talk to u soon.

And im not sure exactly why but their is something about u i cant get out of my
head. Hmmm ...



gayest email ever.
i'm puking all over myself.
he texted me while I was in philly and said "what are you doing i'm bored in brooklyn" and i said "i died".

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moonbeameyes said...

oh fuck, ill get you a pot