Friday, August 1, 2008

it isn't a party if it happens everynight.

I love reading my book from my "Sociology of Violence" class 2 years ago. Best class I've ever taken in my life. My professor was this little young woman who would show us clips from Faces of Death and I also took this class with about 7 police officers and I'd just get into these heated debates with them about racial profiling or how just because a person has been to jail doesn't mean they're fucking evil. I love reading over this book, it has some really good points about the psychology of violence, the patterns of urban violence, and investigative psychological profiling of those that act out violently.

"violence is the intrument not merely of the criminal disorderly, but of the most upright and honorable"

Justin left the book EXTERMINATOR, by burroughs here at my apartment, so I guess that's my new bookfriend for the next few days/weeks.


August looking forward toos....

This weekend...

-my mom and sister and coney island

-Laying in the grass in central park on sunday with Laura, even though I hate central Park alot. I want icecream.

- EARLY BIRDS show in Long Island on the 4th
August 10th-Kathleen's Birthday Extravaganza.

We're making lobster and will probably be naked and like chilling in this huge apartment on 6 ave because Kelsey is apartment sitting. Everyone come. Lily, Kathleen wants you there, just close your eyes when we boil the lobstaz.

August 16th - Kevin has a show at the cake favorite venue in the whole city.
still gotta get him something good for his just past 20th birthday

This is hardcore with Lily and friends and getting out of NYC once again. Having two weeks at the end of august of no work, maybe going to cap cod with kathleens family.

I might journey back to wilkes-barre during that two weeks. I want to hang with my big brother and check up on that side of the family.

In other news the recent shit that's been laid upon my life and my loved one's lives is only good because I feel so bonded with my best friends. I feel super close to all of them right now and it is so nice to be sure of a few important people and things in life, even while so much is unstable and unpredictable.
I lost tons of weight this month and I'm not happy about it. I don't like change much at all, especially not with my body. MY BOOBS SHRUNK. ugh. I love curves and I'm losing what few curves I had. fuck fuck fuck.

Also, why do I get myself into the worst situations lately? Me and Kathleen always talk about what we find pefect in certain guys and I want to make note of some of these...

My perfect dude would be..

-someone that would never "do" their hair

-someone that isn't really hairy in general, yuck

-someone SILLY, and sorta mean, and sort of aggressive, but thoughtful

-someone with a good memory, that remembers little things

-a guy that will make fun of things about me, I love that

-someone that listens to alkaline trio, obv.

-someone that has a squishy body, not too many muscles.

-someone that isnt LAZY

-someone good in bed

-someone who makes plans

-someone that is always on time, and sticks to his word

-someone that has integrity and loyalty

-someone that isn't too involved with drinking and drugs

-oh, he can't wear flip flops ever, boys and flip flops suck. and girl jeans. that's a no.

-someone that is very independent

-someone that will do it with me in public places

-someone that will make efforts to love my friends

-someone that isn't moody

Also, I have been having wacky dreams lately, last night I had a dream I was holding kevin's hand and I got burned. Kelsey slept over and told me I grabbed her hand in bed in the middle of the night. hahahahahah sorry Kelsey.

Burning: To see something burning, indicates that you are experiencing some intense emotions and/or passionate sexual feelings. There is some situation or issue that you can no longer avoid and ignore.? Alternatively, it may suggests that you need to take time off for yourself and relax.


Since I'm still celebrating getting as basically full ride to college again, this is my schedule for the fall....

The Holocaust & Modern Genocides (6 credits)

History/Systems in Psychology

Experimental Psychology 1

The Psychology of Learning

I might also add on a Criminal Justice class, I miss those so much.

what else? my mom's second divorce is final. wooo another one bites the dust!

olive and well (1:36:17 PM): you're a faggot
SAA BASHTON (1:36:24 PM): shut up i fucking love them i dont care
SAA BASHTON (1:36:28 PM): theyre beautiful
olive and well (1:36:42 PM): bring one home and marry his little boy self
SAA BASHTON (1:36:52 PM): i bring you home one too

my little sister is so freaky.


sunjuice said...

i saw your little sister in curry donuts the other night. don't worry i frisked her and she was clean, but this one bitch gave me a look so me and paul stuck her hand in the boiling donut oil. BITCHEZZ BEWARE

sunjuice said...

p.s. i miss you already and i think our phone chat yesterday may have stopped two suicides........ haha no but really. commiserating = SALVATION FROM JEBUZ.