Wednesday, October 8, 2008

IPOD shuffle feature

So the mornings are usually hard for me. I'm ususally up when it is still dark and I'm usually bummed on something or other.

On my IPOD i have an mp3 that my ex boyfriend Kevin made me, it's a recording of him telling me that he loves me for one of our zillions of anniversaries. Now this mp3 is whatever, I actually forgot it was even on my ipod. Until...the one morning I was particularly down in the dumps and looking out the window as the train went over the bridge into manhattan and I absolutely never use shuffle because it's really annoying I think, so my IPOD was on shuffle this morning and i'm looking out the window and then I suddenly hear his voice saying "hey nik, it's me, just telling you I love you so much, our two year anniversary" It's like my ipod knew I needed to hear that or something. I didn't cry or want to die or even miss him that much. I was just glad to hear a little artifact from how my life used to be and the only person I've ever known inside-out.

I want that feeling again one day.
I'm fed up of trying.
I think I'll give up for awhile. Maybe you do only fall in love once. True love is maybe just a one time thing and too good to happen again.