Sunday, October 5, 2008

fuck you

A few rules I live by:

Never totally say goodbye
Brush your teeth in the morning, it feels like a shower
Have sex as much as possible, it's really good for you.
Be good at keeping in touch with the people that matter
Don't get surprised when people let you down.
Always keep things ahead of you to look forward to
Never live with a guy until you're like about to pop out his kids.
Listen to Hip Hop when sad
Never doubt the effects of a good fucking meal
If nothing makes you feel better, get a tattoo
Homesickness is temporary and situational, don't forget why you moved away
Always fight back
Never count the cost.
Drugs and drinking aren't that great
Things happen for a reason
This too shall pass.

and never "confuse the lower point with the lowest point"


caroline said...

this post actually really helped me realize some things while going through tough times. thanks nik. :o)

danielle said...

i like that list.

georgia juniper said...

yeah, those are pretty good. i always think about ways to live life, your list is nice and comprehensive