Monday, October 27, 2008

at least i don't lie to myself like you do.

I turned 21.
This was one of the most amazing birthday's I've ever had.
The weirdo mix of gifts I got along with the 2 people that impressed me when they remembered, and the shock i got from some of the people that forgot, made this weekend perfect for me. Listening to your voicemail telling me that "you're too busy doing birthday thangs to talk to me, oldie" (i don't know why I thought he'd forget) and seeing who came to ny to see me and who didn't and realizing that I've been right all along. Falling in love on the subway with the most perfect boy and the crazy shit that happens to me an lily on the train at 5 am, at breakfast, and loving her more than life. I haven't felt more loved on a birthday ever before.

tattoo apointment
painting of a cardinal from matt (best gift)
olives with messags written on the jar
action figures holding cigs
male models in vans (from sagen of course)
a spider tattoo
a homemade buttercream berry jam cake with fresh flowers on it
vodka tonics with lime
all my fave foods in a bag
pretty letters
never sleeping
wearing a cocktail dress with sneakers
me and lily having opposite taste in boys
cookie dough
being drunk for literally three days
sagen giving me a makeover
makeup, dirt, seriously contimplating cutting all of my hair off.

i'm coming to wb this weekend. I can't wait to see my sister and my puppy and fall leaves and hug my mamma.

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virginia said...

cool girl
you have a nys id?
see you soon?