Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This world, it owes you nothing.

This weekend is heavily needed. On Friday I get to have a lunch date with my mom and then Brianna and Danielle are coming to the city and we'll hang out and we're trecking to Coney Island to pretend its already summer and then I'm excited to see Tigers Jaw at the Johnson house and then come home to Kimmy's birthday party. Its going to be jam packed.

I've been in a rut lately. I skipped class tonight to write my Mumia Abu-Jamal paper and I went to the grocery store and set up my own personal buffet of grapes, mango slices, sesame seed crackers, two choc. oatmeal cookies, and salad with tomatos and goat cheese.

Right now I'm sitting in this huge shirt I bought in Scotland and trying to resist pulling the covers over my head because being sad is okay because its better than angry, its better than feeling nothing. So I'll keep listening to my sad mix with my cell phone turned off because needing things only kills you slowly.

My thesis is done. I rule.

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