Sunday, April 25, 2010

give me your tomorrow

Finally saw John for the first time in three weeks. We got dinner at Honey's and were almost the only people in the whole place. He gave me a wallet he had when he was little that has "bad john" written on it in pen on the inside. I havent had a wallet in about three years. I like having his old things as my new things. He did some painting and I went on walks with danielle and looked at an apartment wiht Blair that I think we have in the bag which I"m crossing my fingers we do because it's perfect and gorgeous and theres trees outside the windows and I haven't had that since I lived at home. A cat visited John while he was in his studio and he took that picture.

I cannot take enough allergy pills or eat enough icecream right now.

three finals, no more papers, one thesis approval left until I'm free.
John is going to lend me a few of his framed paintings to hang in the new apartment. this was the nicest thing to hear. I can't wait to live in a new city and have his artwork all over the place I live.

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