Saturday, May 1, 2010

there isn't anything that I need.

Yesterday I traveled to philly to sign my lease with Blair. Everything is happening. Then me and danielle and brianna and blair went to the hospital to visit miss kelsey and we all talked for two hours and it broke my heart to see her so exhausted and sick and uncomfortable. I cannot believe how much time I've wasted with people that do not appreciate me or have selective memory and never remember the good. Spontaneously we all walked into some tattoo spot and I figured since I'm moving to Philly I should welcome myself by FINALLY getting tattood there, it's the Elliott Smith tattoo I've been wanting for a while, everyone talked me out of getting it on my hand, thank god. It says "Either/Or" :my favorite album of his. You can't see it at all and its backwards because its a computer photo but you get the idea. Need to start throwing things out from my room. My uncle (who basically is my father figure) bought me a new desk and its waiting for me at home. Summer starts in one week. John's paintings are really coming together for his show and I love each one and wish I could buy all of them. Jess said she can probably get me a job at Fork etc... If only I had a cosigner for my loans and could for sure go to school and I didnt have a swollen face from allergies life would be perfect. I'm so exicted to get away for a weekend with John on the 14 and um, did I mention LINdsey o' brien is moving to philly too? Hi wtf too good. Brianna made brownies at 3 am for her man while we watched Match Point and they were the most perfect midnight snack.

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