Monday, May 17, 2010

I'll shine up his gun with the corner of my weddin' dress

bonnie and clyde


Anon said...
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Anon said...

i have been reading your blog for a bit now and i think it is great how you have created a life for yourself without any help from your parents - mainly being financially independent.

just a few days ago, because of the economy, i found out that i am in the same situation as you. my parents can no longer support me. honestly, we are not rich but i never had to worry about anything big. in a way i am lucky, but it also crippled me in the fact that i now have no idea how to take care of myself without help.

i am a junior in college in ny and i now have to find a job that can support me through out the summer and the year, at least, and an apartment i can afford.

how/where did you find a job to support yourself, an affordable apartment in a safe neighborhood, and go to school full time? without letting it kill you and alienate yourself? it's just so daunting.

Nikki Ashton said...

hi! its all about time management. When i first moved I put out about 14 applications and got one minimum wage job. I calculated every hour of my life (time is seriously money) and only let myself spend five dollars a day. This was the hardest thing ever. I lived like that for five months and lived almost two hoursfrom manhattan near coney island to get rent that was 425 a month. I ate alot of canned soup and never left my house. You have to realize youre going to be miserable but at least you'll go to bed everynight knowning that you paid all of your bills on your own. also, sell stuff. no cable..try and use your school's internet, sell your digital camera...etc...its realllllly hard but you cant let stuff throw you off. don't think you can borrow money that's always a bad idea and never skip work. I was so lucky and got hooked up with a job that paid alot more than minimum wage and so my life improved drastically after that so just manage your life...stuff isnt as unpredictable as you think, you can factor in the 3 bucks you need to do laundry or the ten bucks to get medicine...i'm sorry so much has changed and you're in that boat. you can totally do it, anyone can they just think its overwhelming at first, but its just money and money is a renuable resource and most important is school and getting enough sleep!! hahah good luck.