Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I've never been affraid of dying

and i know i've been distant and i've filled you with doubt
but i've been heartbroken and i figured out
we all make a choice and i've never been afraid of dying

(jus' hangin in my favorite bed nook )

but its fine because i'm already hardly alive
and we keep on holding on, hostile or withdrawn
its our will, our way, live through it everyday
and i don't really care to stop it because we've
brought it all on ourselves for so long
and it helps us to remain valiant

the same apprehension, the same subtlety
its been 3 years and you still tread on me
its not a choice, its a struggle to stay conscious
some romantic metaphor, its an uncanny sign
baby, i'll be your muse if you'll always be mine
we spell it out in incoherent love songs

(Im really into my snow boots, black tights, and hair acessories lately)

I watched the film, "After Innocence." It was full of information I was sadly already aware of. But, then I remembered not everyone is obsessed with researching the level of error that the United States Justice system is guilty of. So in case you are unaware: 129 people have been released in the last thirty years that were sentenced to die for crimes they did not commit. There are hundreds more that were serving life sentences that were also convicted wrongly. Most states do not have a bill that compensates them or exponges their records upon release, these men are lucky if they get an appology from the judges that looked at them and labeled them rapists, murders, and put them (and their families with them) behind bars for 10, 20, and almost thirty years until DNA could prove their innocence.

Human Endurance always amazes me. I think I'm more obsessed with that than anything else. I think I'm an endurance junkie. Even at my most "painful" moments in life I made it a point to get through it all on my own, just so I can feel super-human-strong when it doesn't hurt anymore (or in some cases, hurts in a different way). Such an incredible high.

Anyway, if you want to learn more about The Innocence Project, go to www.innocenceproject.org.

Or you can just watch the documentary. It is on watch instantly on netflix!!

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