Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello Walls

I'm told "you look really tired" over ten times a day. Tonight I spent the entire night home alone. I made pasta and squeezed myself some grapefruit juice. They were really sweet grapefruits and drinking it ice cold made me feel like it was summer for ten minutes even though I sat in a caccoon blanket watching movies in a bedroom with no windows, in almost complete darkness. Inspired by Erica's post about happiness, I tried to think of some too.

Happiness is when someone says exactly what you need them to say at exactly the right time.
Happiness is the smell of microwave popcorn.
Happiness is my sisters stuff mixed with mine in the bathroom at home.
Happiness is my boyfriend in pajamas/sleeping things.
Happiness is new socks, new sheets, new towels.
Happiness is my mom putting jars of olives in my Christmas stocking.
Happiness is little kids on the subway looking out the windows.
Happiness is having your own secrets.
Happiness is seeing anyone fight for anything good, just, fair, or right.
Happiness is picking specific book marks that go along with the theme of the book that I'm reading at the time.
Happiness is being alone somewhere, knowing that no one in the whole world can see or hear you for at least that moment.
Happiness is someone washing your hair in the bathtub.
Happiness is thinking about being 4 years old and walking around the house in my father's huge steel-toed work boots instead of my mother's heels like most little girls did.

We haven't gotten mail in six days. CAm awnnnn postal service!!!

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Buy Me a Soda said...

fantastic. :)

now I want some grapefruit juice.