Monday, February 8, 2010

criminal code

I feel like everyone is on the verge of crying from frustration from school and work and the environment of the world right now. Everything is sort of on edge. It's almost spring, we'll all make it. I don't feel like reading anything besides nonesense books and the stack of 14 magazines I just stole from work. Sometimes I'm so tired I feel like everything is such a waste and I have no reason to be exhausted because I'm rarely rewarded for the constant 24/7 busting my ass every minute to survive and stay ahead path that is my life but I have to remember that if i start doing things only for the rewards, the place where I came from and where I used to be would never have gone from the hole that I was born into, to the hole that I crawled out of.

these are all photos from Kathleen's blog. The photos she posts are all amazing!!

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Buy Me a Soda said...

sweet pics dude!! love the naked butt and shadows. your roomies are pretty rad, but of course you already knew that. :)