Sunday, November 30, 2008

memories that i gave up on i'm sorry for the past

So I'm back in Brooklyn.

I was welcomed with freezing rain, 8 million shitty "coyne" hands all over my block, a twelve page paper about prison shit and a 7 page paper about the Rwandan Genocide due in hours and I couldnt be happier. New York City, I fucking love you. Home was alot of crying and hanging with my sister and eating and kissies from my dog. It goes without saying that I still hate my father and even having to hug him makes my stomach turn. Weekends in Philly are more fun than ever before. I have a date this week with a boy I've thought was cute for awhile. He'll probably turn out to be a complete loser, but then maybe I'll like him more? ha. okay He builds scultptures and has a fucking awesome mouth and green eyes, my two favorite things. Home has nothing for me anymore, philly barely does. It sucks when you can't even use home as an escape.

Hopefully going to the Gilbert & George exhibit with Benny in the upcoming weeks.
ps. Benny, just noticed how you tagged my garbage can motherfucker.

Heavy hands. I blew up on Kevin. I wish people would stop holding on to me. It drives me crazy

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