Thursday, November 20, 2008

easy to be around

seriously, you're intimidating. It's weird because you're an easy person to talk to, but you know how to take care of yourself and have goals and ambition and that's scary to some people. some people burn their hand on the stove and try it again later, then others get burned and won't even flirt with the idea of going near the stove again.

and, from what I can gather, you need someone man enough to fight back with you and push back when you test them. so he'd have to step his game up and i think he knows that. which is probably what freaks him out

because, i think beause of everything that happened with your dad, you won't give another guy enough slack to hurt you. which is an admirable and highly elusive trait to grasp.

you are easy to be around
because you belong to no one

you are easy to be around
i like to walk beside you
you're so easy to be around
it's like i'm not even walking beside you

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