Monday, November 10, 2008

So while I'm sore from the smiles that you've given to me i just cant wait for the day when inevitably...

I walked by a tropicana truck today and seriusly contimplated jumping in it. my next semester classes are as follows;

Sexuality and Nation Building
Poetry for enjoyment
experimental psychology 2
Statistics in psychology
Public speaking


I have to reschedule my cardiologist apointment bc i conveniently missed it because i'm not in the mood to get yelled at by a doctor and find out that i probably either need major surgery or that it will never get better and i just have to "deal with" being constantly out of breath heart attack time.

things/peeples i miss...

i did dat

doing my own art, seeing art, new york in general, going swimming in wb with one of my best friends, summer in general, being retardedly silly with kathleen when we're home alone together, coney island when it's cold, being in love, holding hands with someone, being sure, being appreciated, dresses, knowing what was going on in all of your lives.

i hate missing things.

Around the corner from my work yesterday, a young girl got totally naked and stood on her fire escape and threatened to jump, she was tryign to kill herlsef, a million fire trucks were there trying to get her down, the last thing I hear before I die better not be fire truck sirens.

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