Tuesday, November 11, 2008


i feel the time go by feel the distance
between you and me
and you know i didnt want it
but now that we got it
gotta twist it gotta turn it around
im thinking of the things you said
what it meant
what did it mean to you
i always fuck up the best things
i feel the distance
maybe you missed it
i feel the distance
and it makes me sad
but not enough to turn it away

Today was mad productive.
I have a dr. appointment for my heart in december
im getting a new phone
i bought sexy undies
got a $1 tea and drank it at union square and saw a cardinal
bought olive colored folders for my psychology research proposal
petted mad puppies
made tons of "to do" lists
paid the electric bill
talked to my family
and now i'm about to read about the genocide in cambodia in bed.

1 comment:

Lily said...

oh jeez, wonder who wrote those miraculous lyrics they are so perfect and fitting wonder whose idea those were mmm wally