Sunday, September 28, 2008

things change on a dime

Let's talk about...


he rules..
+ he always fucks up the name of whatever boy i'm dating at the time. it's fucking hilerious.
+ he texts me about food all the time and it's our number 1 bond.
+ he exposed me to crazy amounts of NAS at an early age, along with mariah, beavis and butthead, macguiver, Zorro, and DMX.
+ He took me and my sister out for dinner at OLD COUNTRY BUFFET.

Let's talk about...


+ it 99% of the time sucks.
+ It makes me feet smell much worse than usual and New York sucks because everything I do is 45 blocks from the train so my clothes end up getting soaked and I get to work smolling like a wet dog
+Umbrellas are ALWAYS annoying and no human can walk correctly with one.

Let's talk about...


+It sucks alot.
+I used to have the ability not to care about anyone, I re-taught myself this ability, now I deeply regret it.
+ almost everyone is selfish

Let's talk about...