Sunday, September 21, 2008

After Hours

Time to talk about the happy:

I'm being very productive as of lately.

I have a plan, a real plan.

I only like being in my apartment in my living room with my roomates or in Philly, that's pretty much it lately.

It's fall.

My birthday is in a month

Matt gave me a copy of DeathProof

Jeru the Damaja rulez

Lindsey came to the city and I walked around Central Park West with her and her Ahtropology class.

Not so happy:

My apartment has cockroaches.

I hate $

Today is the anniversary of the day Kevin and I met, 6 years ago.

The desire to skip class is overwhelming lately.

There aren't enough hours in the day.

I have my fucking period.

I smoke too much.

The DMV can suck fifty dicks.

I'm pretty sure the world is ending.

1 comment:

moonbeameyes said...

there are like NO hours in a day lately

i shake my leg in class because i need to leave and get the gitters

the world IS ENDING, crazy shit

i wanna know your plan and see youu