Wednesday, September 17, 2008


All of my vactions to see Matt, Lily, Rashi, and Davey are the absolute best.
Guess who's Psychology professor chose her to be on her grant funded research team out of everyone in the whole entire calss. ME. AND IT'S PAID. IT RESEARCHES TERRORISM/VIOLENCE PSYCHOLOGY STUFF LIFE RULES AND IT'S GETTING PUBLISHED AND I'M NOT EVEN A SENIOR YET AND I'VE BEEN CHOSEN TO WORK ON A REAL RESEARCH STAFF.
i'm so happy. I almost cried right in her office. Honestly.She mentioned wanting me but I didn't think she was serious and I didn't think it was paid and REAL. On the way to philly I had to go to her office to get the details. HO MY GOD.

I have so much to do lately. Besides the god awful amounts of school work I need to also get my NY ID for my 21st birthday and go to the doctors to get my heart checked since I haven't in way too long and I gotta research the GRE'S and figure out when I'm gonna take them and apply to graduate schools. I'm a real grownup soon and it is so freaky.

Me and Matt filled up the big claw bathtub and put on bathingsuits and went swimming in it in the middle of the day. It was so funny. day baths and alkaline trio playing and bubbles everywhere.

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teenagedrtbag089 said...

SWEEPYHEADZ. seriously congratulations on that research team, that fucking rulez