Thursday, July 17, 2008

stumpdick (12:43:14 AM): like a virgin is a metaphor for big dicks

Until the anchor breaks.

I need to get out of new york. Lily stopped into the city for a spontaneous visit and thank fuck because alot of shit has been happening and I needed someone to drag me to Pinkberry 12 times in 3 days. Me and Lily also talked today about what I'll be doing for my 21st birthday which is in like three months and these were some of the ideas:

1. Tropical Vacation
2. California to stay with friends
3. Seeing Alkaline trio (I'll follow them anywhere)
4. Pinkberry
5. Somewhere I've never been but is a garunteed fun time
6. Anywhere that isn't a shitty bar in NYC

Things sparking my fancy as of late:
-Chapstick, tons of it
-Sleeping naked
-Candles in my room
-The Postal Service album
-Not doing Laundry
-Avoiding my family
-Drawing Kathleen, for some reason I cannot get her face just right yet.
I'm in a weird mood right now. I'm so tired all of the time but one of my best friends returns home from Mexico tomorrow and I need to lay in bed with her and catch up, I cannot wait. I cannot wait for alot of things coming up withing the next 2 weeks.

Here's some pictures since I cannot really talk that much.

shout outs to my best boyfriends that used to live mad far away now they moved right around the corner from my apartment!

I have no desire to see through my own eyes anymore
anymore anymore anymore.

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Lily said...

crack my head open on your kitchen floor prove to you that i have brains