Monday, July 21, 2008

cold world motherfuckers wilkes-barre mother fuckers


How intimate PEDICURES are.

SO i've had one of these things before, but today kathleen and amy got them and felt left out so i got on the chair and I sereiuosly forgot how IN YOUR FACE your body is with these absolute strangers. This woman was like rubbing my legs and ankles and it felt fucking good but super weird and I kept pulling away and she'd like look at me like I was some crazy freak and pull me by the ankle closer to her. Part of it was painful too. I dont like nailpolish colors so i just got "nude" aka off white. No one speaks and I read a magazine about celebs and talked with girls about HALF-WAY sex...the kind where you basically have sex and then you decide it's a bad idea and you're completely naked but don't do it...I had no idea that was real until I moved to ny. I either have sex, or I don't. Dry humping was the shit in 9th grade though. Half sex exists in NYC. half sex half sex half sex half sex


To the woman who gives me a brazilian bikini wax...

I'm really sorry that i say FUCK under my breath at you, you do a really good job, I especially love when you prop my leg up on a WALL LEDGE and fucking can see god knows what from god knows what angle. No tattoo has ever been a fraction as painful as getting waxed there. The bitch that does it like points at my tattoos and says "pain baby?" and I just laugh/put my hands over my face as she rips another layer of my fucking skin off.

laura and daniele came and chilled the other night. Kathleen is fucking latina from MEH-HEE-KO sunshine.

ian graetzer (9:50:52 PM): I am really sorry for beeing such a jerk to you for the past month

olive and well (9:51:24 PM): thanks for the apology
ian graetzer (9:52:03 PM): But that really does not mean anything

olive and well (9:53:14 PM): exactly

I just watched Ian's interview with JOHN NORRIS on It was weird to see his back yard. Patrick is the funniest one. He just talks about cigs and shakespeare.

People should realize that once they fuck me over, and I say "bye," that I mean it.


I need a new book, give me recommendations

The new Cold World is good

Jadakiss rules.

My Ipod is so beautiful

R.I.P. Jordan 8's. Just another relationship of mine that was ended.

I'm eating macaroni and cheese, sour patch kids, and ritz crackers for dinner tonight.


For my friend JOHN CRUZ:

everyoen in NYC go to this skate premiere:


ps. today is fucking weird. the same day I find out i'm getting mad money for school, i realize my fucking most expensive/treasured jordans were stolen. STEALING IS FROM BEING LIKE 13 YEARS OLD I THOUGHT.


moonbeameyes said...

someone stole ur fucking shoes , r u kidding?

jade said...

hey, i'm a friend of carolines. i was surprised to see your conversation with ian, seems all glen rock boys are the same... i'm long time friends , etc etc haha.. with andrew cedermark who plays guitar for titus..

nice to meet you?

moonbeameyes said...

im going to the skate thing with you