Thursday, July 10, 2008

all this shit about you and me, and the way it used to be. I wish I never read it.

A few things to talk about:

- I need a good snuggle.
- I need to get the fuck out of NY soon.
- If I find out that any motherfucking minion from wilkes-barre is giving my little sister beer/drugs/dick, I'll personally make your life a living hell.
- I want to see snow, for some reason I miss it.
- I hate the word "tampon"
- I keep having the worst nightmares
- Going to see Iron Age/Cold World/Trash Talk this weekend a few blocks from my apartment in Brooklyn. I love my neighborhood.

I'm so tired lately, down sort of. I go to counseling once a week (if I drag myself that is) and the dude I talk to insists that me being sick the last few weeks is due to the fact that I do not deal with my problems emotionally, and since I can trick my mind to get over things quickly/easily, my body presents the stress or anxiety physically and that's why I feel like shit but am mentally doing fine. JARGON JARGON PSYCHOLOGY JARGON JARGON

I want a milkshake. I miss Kathleen. I get wonderful texts from her talking about Mexico or being high or both at the same time...

I went to this really old art dealer man's apartment the other night. He's super gay and like 70 and loves black dick ~only~ and had the craziest/coolest art collection ever and made popcorn and said I was "quiet" and I asked him what his first memory is. I think that is quite possibly my favorite question. He looked at me and said "look at this ring my 90 year old friend made me yesterday"... so he put out his hand and on his pinky was this little gold ring that said "love" and i said the appropriate "awwwww" and then he said "no, turn the ring around" so I do..and on the other side of the ring it says "fuck". I laughed and said "that sums it up?" and he said "pretty much so." Best conversation I've had in awhile.

Give me your eyes, I need sunshine.

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