Sunday, July 20, 2008

at your most beautiful

One of my favorite pictures I've ever taken of Coney Island. Coney Island is one of, if not THE favorite place of mine in NYC. I love it at night, in the day, in the summer, in the winter especially when there's snow on the sand and it's dark and the sea shells are like frozen into the sand...
So yesterday was Siren's fest on Coney Island. I went to this shit last year and it was really fucking amazing and this year was a bust sorta, highlights include:

- sharing whiskey rootbeer with mike

- everyone I went with tripping on shrooms (except me) and kathleen saying "I'M GONNA MANIFEST YOU"


-Broken Social Scene

-Seeing strangers vomit is one of the coolest things ever

-Getting involved in a fight in the women's bathroom line

-It being th ehottest day of the year

But the best situation of the entire night came at the end when my really pretty friend Amy was trying to avoid this guy TRAVIS. Travis = short, very hairy, semi-attractive face, She told me he was a complete douchebag and that I should not inform a guy in a horrible patterened GAP shirt that I was having a massive party at my house if he were to find her in this huge crowd and latch on to her. So I see this guy from the corner of my eye running to her RUNNING. And i roll my eyes and know this is the stupid fuck that won't leave her me and kathleen (my partner in crime always) fucking give this dude the evil eye the whole time he's hanging around all of us. he sucked so much and kept putting his arm around her while we were walking. I do not understand how people cannot take blatant hints such as me being like "YO LETS JUST US GIRLS GO GET ICECREAM" and he fuckign came with us of course and then we head back to the car because we assumed he'd let go and fucking do his own thing. So we start walking like the twenty minute walk down Mermaid ave towards the car and he fucking follows us and me and kathleen are just waiting to pounce on this dude because he wont stop touching amy and she keeps pushing him off and we're like "dude, you cannot fit in the car when we get in like you should go back to the train, have a good night" and then we get to the car and he's like attempting to squish 7 fucking people in a little sedan and everyone was being super polite being like "oh oh...kay" and i'm like "this isnt gonna work" and i'm like sitting on fifty people's knees and amy like speeds to the train and he WONT GET OUT and then i'm liek "TIME FOR YOU TO GO" and my friend mike basically pushes him out of the car and then we sped off in order to reflect on the absurdidty of fucking TRAVIS and his loud ass shirt and his fucking PDA obsession after he knew Amy for ten days and how he couldn't get the hint when we were like "no dude you cannot come in the car, we're not doing anything after the fest, amy doesnt want to suck your dick"

So as for the rest of the fest, I saw some retarded tattoos and listened to tons of mediocre hip-hop and ate the best fucking junk food and have lived in a bathing suit the past 2 days. I've had so many people from wb, philly, upstate new york etc. staying at my house the last two weeks my apartment has turned into a squat. It's disgusting after the party last night. We finally got home and invited 30 people over and partied until about 5 am then I left for work at seven thirty am this morning, stepped over puddles of dutch guts and beer and cigarettes and my house smelled like a fucking toilet but last night was mad fun. I always feel bad for my guy friends because all i have are guy friends and so when I have a party there's about 7 girls and 25 guys. I went to the deli to get snacks and drinks and i see these like LITTLE BOYS, alright maybe 15/16 year old skateboarders and they come up to me and say "are you going to the party at the bodega" and i said "no not tonight, i'm having a party" and then they like skated their little baby freak selves to my house and the one told me I was really beautiful and he wanted to touch my face. I laughed, looked at laura, and told him it was past his bedtime and then I went to sleep next to lindsey o'brien one of my best friends for like 12 years. Max and kim's insane boyfriend Chris helped kick all of the kiddies out and then afterwards kathleen stumbles into my room all dead eyes typical kathleen and goes "HERE'S THE PROBLEM...I'M FUCKING STARVING" so we walk to get fried chicken and everyone that we just kicked out was sitting there eating and it was a perfect way to end the night. just sucks i had work at the crack of dawn and had to walk past 56 sleeping bodies all over my house and be jealous. I've been having weird dreams about food and sex ...not together, separately, but still weird nonetheless.

pictures coming soon.


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