Tuesday, September 29, 2009

and everywhere it landed and everywhere it covered

It's almost October. Everything is moving so fast. I'm not going to do well on the GRE. I've studied so much for the last two months and it still won't be enough. I cannot use a calculator so I have to memorize even the basic things that I've forgotten since High School. I'm so nervous that I won't get accepted into a PhD program and so uneasy about the fact that there is no "safety school" that I've decided to give in and also apply to a couple of Master's programs. I know I can get into them but I just hate what a waste of time they are. Applications::::

Temple (M.S. program in counseling psychology, and PhD program)

NYU (PhD in Counseling psychology or PhD in Psychology and Social Intervention)

Drexel (M.S. in clinical psychology and PhD in clinical psych with a focus in Forensic psychology)

LIU brooklyn (PhD Clinical Psychology)

John Jay CUNY Graduate School (Phd in Clinical Forensic Psychology)

Columbia (not sure yet)

Anyways enough about that....

Had an amazing weekend. The Breakdown show was great, especially because I rarely see live music anymore which is super depressing.

Must finish up my thesis soon + finishing touches on my study

October is going to be cwazy.

John's taking me camping this weekend and it's my first time ever doing it so I'm really excited!! I'm terrified bears are going to like smell some baked good i forgot i stuffed in my purse from work or something and come kill us but I can't wait. I'll probably be memorizing formulas/vocab words the whole drive down but it'll be so nice to be in the woods befor winter comes.

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