Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Such a happy accident, a note in your sneaker at ten in the morning, and all of my worry that you were offended,the catch in my breath when you werent

First day of school today. Had a perfect last week of summer, it included: the aquarium, coney island (cheese fries, hot dogs, ocean, etc..), a home (WB) visit to see my mamma, a wild party in my backyard (nyc), playing catch and basketball with john, studying, brooklyn bar crawl, kissed a thousand cute dogs, getting some sun, a million sleepovers, meeting tons of new people, catching up in rittenhouse with Katie, car rides, truck stop dinners, feeling good about all things in general, lindsey surprising me at work, Kathleens back, new furniture. Here's a few pictures of the last bits of summer:


Auarium, I wish i had pictures of the walruses, they were the best.

Coney!!! Nude Beach trip


A car was lit on fire in front of my house! arsonz

Some of my walk home from the train:

Hi, Risers.

Time to go to school. Last year of undergrad. Its been fun, for once I'm not dreading all the change that's going to occur this year. I'm completely excited for the future. Open arms