Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Girl with a bird she found in the snow. Flew up her gown, and that's how she knows.

More serious list of grad schools...


Temple (clinical psychology program)

Long Island University Brooklyn Campus (clinical psychology program)

NYU (social psychology program)

City University Graduate School (Social Psychology program)

Drexel University (clinical Psychology program)

Penn? not sure about penn anymore, I found out from psych grad students that their program is super research based and not very hands on...

Columbia is my reach school for sure, and I'm applying to two possible maybe safeties. Social programs are WAY easier to get into than clinical programs...20% easier in fact and when places only accept 5 students out of like 1256 applicants that's a big difference...

I also found out that nearly all of the schools i'm applying to offer full health benefits for accepted students. Its basically like i'm applying for a bunch of really serious jobs.

Also, my criminal justice professor is one of the heads of the NYPD and he has a really good friend that is the head psychologiest for the Manhattan Corrections Facility. He made a phone call to tell her about me/my research backround and that she will probably need interns. HOLLA.

All of my days are12 hour days. I don't know how much longer I can keep up with this. I never have a mental break..when i'm not in class or working i'm reading flashcards, researching professors/classes/requirements for grad school, or just plain getting my panties in a bunch over how fucking stressed i am about this whole process.

Anyways. I do get a break when I hang out with John, a much needed break that recently included finishing the entire pie of Lorenzos he bought and laying around.

I can't wait for this weekend, Scott, Danielle, Kelsey, and Rycal are all coming to my place to sleepover after the Breakdown show. It'll be so nice to have some familiar faces around, all such wonderful people.

I want to go to wb oct 3rd for lindsey's dad's surprise bday party!!

I'm tired and tight on money.

I have no clue what I want to be for Halloween

I'm tired, did i say that/?

Me and kim had a conversation about how when we started college we wanted to make a bunch of friends, and that having like 3 friends meant we werent being friendly/trying/outgoing...well now at the end of my undergrad years I've got about 5 best friends and I really cant believe I wanted more.

I want eighty five smoothies, a back rub, a hot tub, a really good dinner, and for the warm days not to go away so fast. It's fall.
somethign cute!!!!


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