Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Two sentences from my Horoscope today....

“It is your curse to see the world too fucking (it was bleeped out though in the paper) clearly and without a shred of kindness”

“You’ve achieved lessons the hard way. You don’t have to try to remember them, they are now part of who you are.”

Both statements apply to me in different ways. zodiac/astrology stuff is honestly completely fun and entertaining and I really believe sometimes It's true. According to Laura who is my astrology guide (she knows everything it's insane) Gemini is one of my "forbidden loves" and my sister and mortal enemy until i was 17 is a Gemini, a long with Sean. so that's hilarious. Also, It's said that with scorpios you "never can walk away from them" and that also has proven to be a huge pattern in my life. So anyways. the second sentence is eerie, Alot of my energy and time is spent tryign to teach myself lessons and really annalyze the past so I can be better in the future, I guess like Lily says i'll just cross that bridge when it comes, and I HAVE learned, I dont need to reteach myself everyday.

I wanna see the grand canyon this summa.


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moonbeameyes said...

babez i'm drunnk but i'm telling you it s gonna be intense love yeaaa and discovery channel has a show called " out of the wild" for alaska week based off into the wild. watch it. and i love and need to see u

grand canyon please