Thursday, April 30, 2009

A picture of you, holding a picture of me.

(not a cover of the regualr jolene song)...

listening to this before I go to bed lately.
Sleeve completion in 3 days
School ends in 5 days
Kathleen leaves in 30 days
I get to see you again in just 4.

I saw my little sister today. I can't believe it's almost may. I thought about writing a letter to my father's victim's family onthe anniversary this month, but I don't want to be selfish and I don't want to hurt them. Sometimes I wish I could appologize and it'd be enough. I feel guilty alot for what my father did. How could I not? I wonder if they hate me for having my mom on mother's day this year when they don't have theirs.


danielle said...

ah please send me a picture of that sleeve!

Mike said...

hey he came to Galway back in February! sold out show...i didn't go, but i heard it was excellent

also i have to see you in NYC this summer- two of my irish roommates and at least 3 close friends of mine are living someplace in da city this summer so now i have even more reason to stop being lazy and visit