Monday, April 27, 2009

happiness is a choice.

this weekend was interesting to say the least.
I saw my favorite band live, they remind me of so many things. so many good things. Watching them is honestly like watching a timeline of the last 7 years of my life. thank you for that. Sean is wonderful. school is winding down, won a writing award, got a few a's, might have a b this semester, I guess I'll live. Looking forward to making dinners with Kathleen, finishing my sleeve this saturday, buying my plane tickets to the JUNGLE, spring cleaning, online shopping, seeing my mom in may with sean, saving up to go to the grand canyon with sean this summer, long fucking hair, swimming (just bought a hot new bsuit), working mad shifts at the bakery making that loot, giving a big fuck you to may and anniversaries of bad things, my neighborhood all summer, popsicles, other frozen treats, and being around the people that appreciate me. like this dummy....

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