Tuesday, April 14, 2009

sweet avenue

Boxing is getting difficult. Yesterday the trainer played DMX throughout the entire session, and I actually hit harder i think haha. But yeah, so much thought goes into it that I sometimes get caught up in thinking about where my feet are, or if my hands are guarding my face, or if my chin is down that I distract myself.

In other news I just got back to Brooklyn from wb. Wb was amazing and I got to hang with Lily, kingston kids, and my mom alot. I saw my dad for a bit and it was a pain in the ass, I spent so much quality time with my sister and on saturday we went to the bad seed/bracewar show and it was nice to see Erica Moreno and eat wendy's and then Sean basically surprised me by coming to the show with other doylestown friendz and goign to get angelo's and i'm really glad we got to see eachother for a bit. For the first time in about a year, I have a boyfriend. The coolest part about this is that I never saw it coming. I thought he'd be a fun boy to hang with and we might get close but I definitely didnt' see us actually being together. But when you get in your first car accident together and while I'm holding in crying he covers my eyes so I don't see the car smoking and then quotes sheer terror by saying "smoking like a dragon!" to cheer me up. seriously makes me melt. But yeah, it's kinda funny how things worked out. April is being good to me.

I'm not being good with school. All I'm doing is focusing on my study and getting my results paper ready for conference and all of my other classes are so whatever to me.

I keep listening to underdog non stop and am sorta rediscovering how amazing the cro-mags are and I can safely say that I listen to Owen on a daily basis, he's perfect.

My tattoo apt is at five on saturday, exactly one week before I see alkaline trio. Can it get any better than that? No. My exboyfriend emailed me asking me to hang out, I think i'll take him up on it but just as friend of course.

I've also cut my smoking down ALOT. thank god.

Going home is weird for me because I feel very inbetween. Kids that are younger, kids that are older, my past life as opposed to my "new" life. I'm just doing/experiencing so many things that it's hard for me to relate to alot of people at home anymore. I of course fucking love going to shows but they arent the same as when I was 15-18 and it's really depressing.

I'll think of more later.

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