Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fade into you, strange you never knew.

close upz


made of forks

one of my fave pieces in the shows.


eating a sammich

This past weekend was all this art festival business so John came to NYC and since all I do in this city is sleep, work, and go to school, it was cool to go out and actually spend time soaking up all the cool things New York has to offer (I actually got semi lost in midtown for a bit). We went to this fancy place to eat where they have caviar and expensive olives and tried thirty thousand things from the menue with a few of John's friends and went out with greg afterwards and drank and ate free pizza late at night. I bought two things for Erica's bonvoyage package, I hope she likes them.

I've been thinking alot about intimacy lately. I always grew up thinking it was cuddling, and sharing secrets and intense eye contact. For now I'm learning that those things are all wonderful and crucial but when I think of the most intimate situation I've been in, it was probably when I first started seeing John and we'd only kissed a few times yet....but he noticed I had a hole in my cotton he sat on his bed and threaded a needle and slowly, carefully, and gently (not to poke me with it), I layed on his bed and he held my hip still as he sewed the hole shut while the dress was still on my body. Him talking to me and fixing something so simple and touching me so newly was so loving. It's strange how you learn from and about people. I never let people just take care of something for me, I like to always be the one "doing" but in that moment specifically, it was nice to sit back and watch the act of someone caring about you.
I don't want to do school work.
I paid my taxes.
At least it was sunny
I drank the best lemonade I ever tasted ever also.
Today I wore shoes without socks for the first time since the fall and my whole ankle started bleeding from blisters. John gave me his socks for the walk home. That was relief

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