Saturday, March 20, 2010

Don't applogize, I hope you choke and die.

tell me you will never be less kind to me than yesterday. You have absorbed me. I have the sensation at the present moment that I am dissolving.

Today was better than alot of days lately. I woke up at Jess's house and John had texted me late at night that if I call him early enough, he'd make time to have breakfast in the morning. So luckily I woke up at 9am on my own and called him, he was still sleepy from going to bed at like 7 am after workign on the tiniest details I've ever seen in a painting...but he biked over and we walked to Sabrina's and then walked back, slowly. I kept burrying my nose in the part of his arm that is level with my face and smelling him. I am going to be seeing him for a few horus every two weeks and then rarely if at all in April. When we got back I took a three hour nap and then got to sit in Jess's backyard with an icecream and it was honestly perfect. The night before I got to see Tigers Jaw and I was sweaty and saw some familiar faces. I'm so glad I have such great girls in my life. It's the best to be around old friends and new friends in one place.

This summer is going to be perfection. I'm so glad John is gonna help me find free furniture or cheap stuff at thrift stores to fill my new room. I've been thinking alot about beds and how I want to make my bed seriously superior. I'm so excited to have a bigger room that will fit a desk. I can't imagine how I'll get through April. I have piles of stuff to do.
I've been pinching every penny lately so I have as much money hoarded away as possible by May. I really would like even one new shirt or something, maybe when I go home for Easter my mom will take me on a target shopping spree for new Keds, underwear, and hair bands. fingers crossed.

It's a good feeling being back in a situation, one which you walked away from, and realizing you made the right decision. Refuse to settle.

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