Friday, January 29, 2010

We regret to inform you...

My friend Kelsey is leaving for Uganda for three months. Most people do these things so they can have pictures with African babies that have bloated tummies or say "look at me I went to AFRICA" but Kelsey's efforts are rooted in a long time of research, understanding, and I'm assuming pure anger that these things go on so far away. I think she is 100% ready for this and strong enough to go somewhere and add to these people's lives in a positive way.  I hope she is safe and accomplishes what she is looking to do. I wish she got there and realized it wasn't as bad as she's been reading about but unfortuneatly the state of these children will probably be much worse than what she's read. I'm so lucky that I got to know her over the past few months and I can't wait for her to come back and enlighten me on everything she's seen.

In other news, I'm in a HORRIBLE mood and it's best I probably don't talk to many people over the next week. I got my first rejection from a doctoral program. It stung more than I thought it would but whatever now I'm used to the feeling.  What's most bringing me down is that my life is cut into two sections, one in Philadelphia and one in New York City, usually I love this because in Nyc I have school which is the most satisfying part of my life but....not this semester, this semester I am one of the smartest kids in all of my classes because I am taking classes that have primarily lower classmen.  I NEED to be in an environment where everyone around me is WAY smarter than me, I need to be overwhelmed by how behind I am and how little it is that I know. I need to be in graduate school.  I need to be around people that are so much more experienced than me in Psychology that I want to go out and read fifty books to catch up. Right now, school is not doing it for me.  My classes are just too unorganized and boring and full of stupid statements like "I think bail should be set by how much money the criminal already has" and people that try and talk to me about the death penalty but have never read anything on either side of the issue. Its such a disapointment. January needs to be over.

Also, in Hip Hop dance class I get enough laughs for the whole week considering I get graded on how well I can shake my ass for eight counts.  We just started learning a routine for this song.....

Also: there is a fucking puppy pit bull at my house and I can't wait to go kiss him as soon as I leave to get a bagel and coffee (I started drinking coffee, its insane)

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