Sunday, January 3, 2010

This Addiction

Holding my breath for everything to get bad.
Break was a whirlwind of never sleeping alone. I ate so much and slept so much and had zero responsibility. I took my first ever family portrait of my mother, my sister, and myself. Oh yeah, and our dog. John really spoiled me and bought me a Northface shell, a Sigg bottle that matches his, and gold hoops that say my name in cursive across them. Also, he gave me some really awesome Nike hiking boots for camping this summer. I got straight A's and saw awfulness in people that surprised me and goodness from people in moments when I didn't expect it. I can't recall a time I was so consistently happy. I think I realized that all the bad things lead me here, and for that I'm thankful. Sometimes I forget what real pain is. But like I said: Holding my breath for everything to get bad.
Did I mention that my favorite band is releasing a new record this year? Even though it's only like 5 songs so far I've seen "This Addiction" has me really pumped because its reminscient of "From Here to Infirmary" (freak/nerd status). Also, Matt Skiba (my man crush for the last 7 years) is doing a whole solo album due out summer of 2010. I'll just think of this as my graduation gift from Alkaline Trio. Thanks, guys.

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