Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Look where your hands are now.

This week I start my last semester of college. I’m terrified of senioritis over the next few months and the lack of invitations for interviews from graduate schools I’ll be receiving. I have so many annoying things to do this month such as buy books, fill out the FAFSA, and do my taxes. I wish all I ever did was go out for Mexican food with a few girls to hang out and lay in a huge comfy bed with John and pet a dog or two.

The other night John took me to STELLA in Philly where the personal pizza is like twenty bucks and everything is expensive. We ate fancy wearing band Tshirts, beanies, and jeans. It was amazing and then we went to the movies.

Earlier that day, for the first time ever, I saw a girl cardinal perched right next to a boy cardinal. It was seriously beautiful. They perched about a foot away from me while I was sitting on this staircase in Philadelphia. Then the male cardinal flew 100 yards and chirped to the girl and she chirped back at him. They were only with me for a few minutes but it really helped me start the year off right.

Maybe I read into signs too much.

I feel like New York is sucking the life out of me. I need a smaller place to be. I want to see my mother and sister more and I want a nicer book shelf and a bed that isn’t a mattress on the ground in a room without a window.

I love newspapers:

New York Times; Reliving Horror in a test for the Death Penalty
"they no longer have a right to exist in this society.”

New York Times; More Men Marrying Wealthier Women

"College-educated wives are less likely to have a husband who is college-educated"

AND: AM New York; Now She wears the Pants:

Both of those articles about successful women and the affects on marriage were published in the same day by different papers. Damn straight women wear the pants, and the dress, and look good underneathe all that too.
Also: this past week I made egg whites with peppers and avocado with blueberry/strawberry pancakes, toast, and smoothies with vanilla frozen yogurt for breakfast. The night before I marinated chicken in rosemary,bay leaves, spring veggies, and olive oil, cooked black beans and garlic rice with green beans for dinner. I'm getting so experimental with food. John would eat whatever, it's more fun for me to make huge meals, I think because I never had a family that ate together, or ever cooked FOR me. I always ate in my room or in the living room. The idea of dinner eaten together, made 100% by me (john washes dishes after), is something i want everyday. I love things that have a start, a middle, and an end productt. It's calming.

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