Friday, January 8, 2010

Now I've got a feeling, if I sang this loud enough, you would sing it back to me.

This past week was pretty simple. All I really did was work tons of shifts in the cafe (eating homemade soup and making my own mixtures of tea), braid my hair everyday, and spent almost two full gift cards on buying huge thick pairs of socks. Yesterday I walked around the MET with Lily and afterwards went to the Robes show at Pianos, it was the most fun I've had going out in so long. Kevin recommended some vitamins for my hair (its seriously falling out) and we caught up for awhile and its nice to know that it's unspoken how we'll just always care for one another. He's trying to get happy and figuring that out and I'm glad he seems to be on his way. I won't see John until the Title Fight show in Philly on the 14th and I'm seriously counting down the days I miss him so much.

a customer asked to take a photo of my tattoo while I was working and then she found me on facebook and sent me the picture. lol. I love how it's almost completely pink.

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kelsey said...

you are just my favorite. and recomend those vitamins my way too. my hairs so thin. ur so precious :)