Sunday, November 1, 2009

Need you like water in my lungs.

I wish I was there again somedays. Not because of the particular place. But I miss the breakfasts everyday in a row with Lindsey and Jess, it felt like the most familiar thing in a new place to be glued to their sides again like when we were growing up.

This week:

Recieved three A's in a row on two papers and a midterm for my super fucking annoying women's study class.

Thought wayyyy too much about the future

Had several meetings perfecting my personal statement for my grad school aps with my thesis advisor.

Babysat my favorite baby, Sasha and pretty much taught her how to say bird sounds.

Read through my ENTIRE study guide for the Psychology subject test GRE.

Ate soup mon-thurs for virtually all my meals because I was craving it ravenously.

Found out I lost like over five pounds in the last 2 months. I always lose weight when winter comes.

Alot of my hair is also falling out. Does anyone know any ways to make this stop?

This Weekend:

Had the best weekend with John before the next two weeks of intense deadlines of work/things due begins. On thursday after work he picked me up from the bus and we immediately got pizza/wings/beer and went home and layed on the couch and watched the baseball game because he's a phillies fan and I'm a Yankees HATER so that was a great situation.

In the morning we went shopping/thrifting and John found a virtually complete hiking backpack outside of a salvation army even equipped with a sleeping bag and it's a little big for me but when it gets warm and we go camping now we both have packs. I had a few good finds and bought a cute new winter coat in West Chester for fifteen bucks and John bought me probably the most expensive shirt I've ever owned for my birthday from JCrew that I can wear on my grad school interviews, I'm terrified to wear it and stain it.

I got sort of a nasty cold this weekend, and paid off my past due medical bill once and for all, I hate that I paid hundreds of dollars to a shitty hospital visit bill from two years ago, especially when they misdiagnosed me. Whatever, now they can stop calling me.

I've got the song "merry happy" by Kate Nash on repeat today for some reason. She's kinda frumpy but the song rules.

I don't like any particular place that much anymore, I like times of the week, times of the day most.


moonbeameyes said...

when was the last time u got your haircut or a trim, you probably just need one if you havent in a while :)

Nikki Ashton said...

hmm over a year!! really? omgggg

moonbeameyes said...

yeah girl tons of my hair always falls out when i havent gotten a haircut in a while because of split ends and stuff, thats prob what it is! no worries!