Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm always wrong, but you're never right.

It's really interesting to see someone live in a fantasy world, not face reality, and pretend like they haven't spoken against a thousand things they now embrace.

I don't understand how people can be one person, so intensely, and be totally different in such a teeny amount of time. How people can be so disgusted by drugs, or a certain person, but then do a 360 and be different.  There are things I know I'll always be certain of within myself:

I will never cheat on a significant other.
I will never try cocaine,  get into weed, drink everyday...etc 
I will never turn my back on someone I've loved. No matter what.
I will never be best friends with someone I used to talk loads of shit on
I will never take my resentment/bitterness/anger/emotional disorders out on someone that had nothing to do with it.

Don't people have pride? It's so depressing to get older and see people turn sour on themselves. Aren't we all supposed to be getting better into our twenties? Maybe people cannot handle the truth of anything so they'd rather sit in half truth.

Whatever. In other news, I'm mad late on the Paramore guilty pleasure parade because I'm obsessed with that brand new eyes album, it's so catchy I hate myself. 

I'm itching for a new job and a new school. I hope I get both as my graduation present this May. 

I had such a good weekend. Watched the Paquiao v Cotto match at John's friend Keith's house and ate Filipino food in honor of the underdog Manny Paquiao. He won and is the first person to win all 7 weight classes, he's only 145 pounds and he beat Oscar De LaHoya. Dude is a little beast!!! Also, went to Robes' record release show and hung with Jep and a bunch of other cool peeps. It was really fun, I wish Greg's gf Vicki was there, she's such a great chick.  Had a lunch date with Kelsey and BB Danni which included hot cocoa with mucho whip cream, burritos and wonderful chats. Katie joined us and I wish I could hang on the daily with all those girls.  I made realllllly good pancakes for John and we went for BBQ at this really amazing place and the waitor was so unbelievably strange and creepy we couldn't get over it or HOLD in laughing.  The two of us with SO MANY plates covering this unnecessarily huge table they put us at like falling out of our chairs laughing at this dude. He's perfect for me, honestly.  The only thing bugging me lately is the uncertainty of the future, but I'm getting used to it.

I'm either dressed like one of the following lately:

John Slaby (he's always giving me his large tshirts)
A business woman
A chola
Cousin It

I've been thinking alot lately on how I was left alone so much when I was little. I just entertained myself for hours and hours and was rarely supervised. This had some bad consequences and some positive.  I'm never bored, I can't even fathom boredom actually.

I Look like the cookie monster or something. shortest human.
I expect people to be stronger.
Is that wrong?
Everyone just seems so weak sometimes.

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