Saturday, November 7, 2009

baby racoon.

A HURT PAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like whenever i'm on roll of good luck or good fortune, something always happens to remind me that challenges are always lurking, and that I shouldnt ever think it will ever be easy. This week I was forced to rely on people because of an injury and while I hate it more than anything, it was nice to know that being taken care of can actually be really nice. Its funny to see how much you really do with both hands: pulling up your pants, putting your hair in a pony tail, etc...

for now I'm one handed. In a fair amount of pain. and probably have some gnarly scars in my future.

I took my fucked up hand with me to Johns latest art show, It was a three person show and it was gorgeous. John sold over $2300 in artwork...which included one of my favorites and i'm sorta sad I wont see it anymore. but yay on the success!!!

John washed my hair in his big bathtub this weekend. He got soap in my eyes and couldnt get over how heavy my hair was when its wet but it was the best. He has the hugest hands Ive ever seen but he still cleaned my wounds so carefully with tiny Q-tips.

Ill be thankful when its Thanksgiving and I;m eating turkey with my mom and sister, and when i can bend my hand. Cant wait to become social again when i'm done applying.

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kelsey said...

your poor lil hand :(