Monday, June 8, 2009

you're miserable because you choose to be.

I'm going to Scotland this summer, for probably like ten days.
i feel old.
so many shows in the past few days.
seeing rzl dzl imediately brought back memories of seeing them 4 years ago, it's so funny how bands make me feel homesick, even when they arent from my hometown.
i miss my family.
my boobs got bigger i think
i'm not thinking clearly and it took me 4 subway transfers to get home. so weird
sometimes i want to move to a deserted island and sit there till i die and have my life mean absolutely nothing, and feel comforted in the fact that it doesnt matter who cares about me, who i dont care about, or what i do or think because after i die, that's it and it all means nothing.

Going to scotland with my two oldest friends should be a dream though. just us and an experience. the way it used to be. Me and jess taking a plane for both of our first time's together. i'll probablly be drunk and covering my eyes and she'll probably be looking at the ground holding my hand. i've never been anywhere but the east coast. I hope i don't fall in love with euroland or anything. i just plan on eating tons of food and hopefully finding a beach. no shopping allowed.

saw alot of people i havent seen in a while this weekend. shit throws me through a loop.

time to pay my electric bill.

i got a new shert....

this is how i feel lately.

blah balhahflaksfjalsfj

i fucking miss kathleen so much. everyday. she's the best.


Mike said...

scotland is so cool! are you going to edinburgh? i was there and you should talk to me about it before you leave!

danielle said...

i loved seeing you this weekend, thanks for listening to me bitch on saturday. love you girl.

danielle said...

and by saturday, i mean sunday.

Magic Juan said...