Saturday, June 13, 2009

best friends forever. burn infinite

I missed you today. I know it'll never be the same. I'm still mourning the loss of you and you don't get that. It shouldnt mean so much but it still hurts. it's hard to look back at everything and feel totally replaceable to someone that made you feel like you could stand together and face the world no matter what. I guess it's still true that people will let you down and i conviced myself you were above that. No one is invincible to pain. I want to make myself invincible. I try everyday.

The title fight set was amazing at the PIB show. fuckign insane. so nice once again to see friends from wb. good chats all around. i keep listening to symmetry on repeat. lolz. I feel like i'm in summer school with how hard i'm working on this study. I guess learning never really ends lolz again.

a crowded and empty room.
sums it up right now.

So in boxing I moved to this place called KINGSWAY boxing. I think i'm gonna circle yes when it asks onthe sign up sheet if i want to train for competitive fighting. I think i'm ready for some serious brawling. Time to keep score.

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