Thursday, May 14, 2009


this is going to be about my mother aka tribute style.


always buying olives whenever you go to the grocerty store, thanks for getting me out of abusive situations and always being strong, thanks for touching my face everytime i'm sick i swear it makes it better, thanks for raising me to be independent and trusting the choices i've made for myself, thanks for waking me up everyday when i was litttle telling me i that i'm beautiful because now i grew up to be a girl that has hardly any insecurities with the way that i look, thanks for handing me towels while i was in the shower bc i forgot to bring one in pretty much everytime even though you were sitting on the couch reading the newspaper all comfy, thanks for sending me letters in the mail with pictures of my dog, thanks for setting the bar high and telling me to always get rid of people that are no good, thanks for calling me bold and rambunctious and a "toughy" and never making me change into a soft spoken, well behaved girl. Thanks for letting me sleep in your bed when we had mice bc i was affraid they'd touch me, thanks for giving me the spot on the bed by the window when we shared that shitty mattress in aunt lynne's attic when we didnt have a house, and thanks for the great butt. i love you. You're perfect.


no winners here said...

you and britt are spitting images of your mother it's really awesome. mamma luvv

danielle said...

ay my ma gave me a great butt too, i should thank her.