Monday, February 9, 2009

You were the first real choice I would make

I don't want to go into manhattan and print out 34568842689 pages of bullshit I have to read. I went to phila this weekend it was fun I spent a ballsack amount of money and had a really good time. I have to go pay my rent now to my landlord, Ray, who has always been amazing the freaks that live upstairs are playing really weird music and playing DDR above me so I'm laughing alone in my room right now. It's gorgeous outside and I want to go to coney island and I want cheese fries and lemonade. It's valentines day soon and I think I'll buy myself daisies and get pinkberry. I don't know why i'm so tired lately. i just ate a 2 day old brownie. I wish everyone I liked lived in one place.

time to stop being a lazy bum.

Highlights of Philly trip:

Lily introduced me to a song by alkaline trio i'd never heard, it's AMAZING.
mini vacation
first nice weather in so long
meeting new people
seeing tigers jaw
lily/rashi/uriah living room
WAWA (new york you gotta get into this place)
getting some much needed long distance love from one of my bff
I saw a cardinal on the walk to work that friday morning before I left, it was on a staircase!!

"He's Just Not That Into You" was sorta disapointing, the book was better and it took less time for me to read it than to watch this movie.

Time to make my bed a fortress of comfort heaven and

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sunjuice said...

e-mail me some pinkberries. thanks