Tuesday, June 8, 2010


At my wedding I don't want normal flowers, I want cacti, blooming cacti, short cacti, and tall cacti. The cactus is so underrated as a plant, it endures anything, it rarely needs anything from the person that owns it (just needs to be thought of once a week or less), and if you're lucky, it will bloom one huge flower for you. It doesn't waste it's time with a zillion little flowers. Just one or two big ones, bright, and they bloom in the desert, where flourishing life is almost impossible. I gave John a cactus the first month we were dating. It's little and in the kitchen and I named it "dusty." I think I want to identify with a cactus.

I also like cacti because they defend themselves in such a deadly, aggressive way, but only if you touch them. They sit still until they need to.

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