Thursday, June 3, 2010


i love window sills as bookshelves

I'm finally feeling at home

and I got a job callback/interview!!

Baltimore today with John

Sans Jeppy and Lindsey, last night really made me feel at home here. It's a good feeling that usually comes with people instead of the real place, I've been spending alot of time alone in my room to conserve money and it also makes me feel like if I stare at something long enough (my new bedroom) it will feel like mine and that it's here to stay (even though things are rarely here to stay). It's nice to feel supported and so welcomed and it's so nice that John can bike to my house at 3 am when I'm laying in bed and can't sleep.

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Anon said...

hey i love your tattoos!
did you get any in nyc/bklyn?
if you did where?
i've been looking for a place
and i'd love recs.