Monday, June 14, 2010


I started my job. I've worked tons and it feels amazing. It's already mid-June. I hate north philadelphia and frankly, my current living situation is really annoying so I've been hiding out with my best friend and will probably couch surf/john's room surf for the next month. I kind of am mentally exhausted and in brooklyn withdrawl. It's strange to live here, I haven't fully adjusted. I love being close to so many good friends and John and I got my bike fixed and we went for a ride and he took me on the bike path by the river and it was perfect. Recently I've been in a strange mood. It's hard to articulate it. I'm excited to spend the whole weekend in wilkes-barre for an outdoor wedding. Lots of romper wearing and laziness after working all day for the last four days. I sort of need to catch my breath but I'm not sure why. I feel like I'm never alone anymore and that sort of overwhelms me. I was alone basically 85% of my days in NYC and moving again in a month is annoying. I hate feeling restless and reliant on things and people. My body is sore, I think it's because I experience stress physically since I constantly deny myself of reacting mentally to it.

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