Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cars suck.

Its cold outside. I've been putting so much thought into my applications and future plans that I feel like I'm going to forget my birthday. I think 22 is the start of me not caring about my birthdays anymore.

I was so sick the other night/morning, I thought I was dying. I haven't puked that intensely in so long. I buried myself in a "hide out" in johns bed/baby blue/almost a hoarder room and anytime i'd attempt to get up and put something on besides a mens huge t-shirt and start the day I seriously felt like a slug in slow motion and then would puke. Those crackers he brought home for me, even though I ate about six of them, saved me.  I need to be better to my body. There are so many movies showing in theaters I need to see. I want to go to the Bronx zoo with Kathleen before it gets too cold. These are some snapshots lindsey took in scotland with a disposable camera. 

Also: The village voice published an article about wrongful imprisonment and if every state had a law that the victims of this had to be compensated with a huge sum of money, judges, and court appointed lawyers would have to to a better job defending these (often minorities, or the very poor) people from being thrown into jail without appropriate defense and this will force the "justice" system to make sure these people are actually "guilty" before they are put into the system.

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